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Body Movin'

Body Movin'

If you know me, you know that I’m a Soul Cycle girl. ☠️💕 It’s the 6:00am class for me, two to three times per week. Fitness and exercise was never my thing and then one day it was. It’s been about eight or nine consistent years now, almost as long as TRESSE has been in my life. Honestly, am happiest those days that the bike comes right after my 5am cup of Nespresso (…so very sorry to those that I text while enjoying that early morning ☕️).  

This past spring I began craving a complement to the spinning. Maybe an option to stretch the muscles a bit more and tone them in a different way. As if on cue, I was introduced to @barre3bethesda. Thanks to a very nice ‘intro class’ invitation received during one of my TRESSE events, barre3 has been putting me to the test in the best of ways. 

Several classes later, some sore muscles (the good kind of sore), and a very nice new friendship…I am happy to share with you that TRESSE & barre3 have joined forces to offer you special promotions that highlight the balanced-based lifestyle benefits of both of our businesses. 

Today, we offer a very warm welcome to the barre3 community - we look forward to getting to know you better and having you share this journey with us. 

To all of you, please stay tuned for barre3 + TRESSE promotion announcements, join me for a class, or go directly to @barre3bethesda for more info on classes and schedules.