letters from me to you 💋



I’ve been sharing a little more lately. More words than usual. You’ve been receptive so I have decided to keep going. Not sure I can commit to a regular schedule of TRESSE ramblings per se, but I will sit down and type when I feel I might have something to share. 

Today, I am thinking about upcoming events. I will be announcing dates and venues to my mailing list subscribers (not on the list? sign up @www.tresse.us). Once this weekend begins, the event schedule is like a fast moving train that takes me straight into Christmas. 

I love it. I love finding new items for you all, receiving your feedback, seeing what lights you up and observing which items you gravitate towards. 

The best part of having created TRESSE though, all of the connections. Meeting all of you. I am not going to lie, the days can be long. I am pretty much on my feet all day and literally talking for hours to hundreds of people that pay TRESSE a visit. I have to tell you, the conversations are what keeps me going, makes me forget about the clock. You are all an incredible distraction and the conversations we have had over the years continuously teach me about life milestones, beautiful love stories, amazing travels, style preferences, professional achievements and everything in between.  

Looking forward to our talks over the next couple of months. Keep bringing me your stories and I will continue to ramble on, on occasion…