's French for 'braid'

My extensive time in France coincided with this intuitive desire to complement my corporate strategy career with a creative endeavor that leveraged my two cultures, my travels, and my languages.

Ten years ago, I had no idea that TRESSE would emerge from that small voice in my head, but here I am telling you this story. 

Truly, expect the unexpected. A series of doors opened that I walked through not really knowing what was on the other side, but trusting myself enough to know that I had to walk through them. 

Principally, I met a brand owner in Paris who was ten steps ahead of me. Strong corporate female with an idea for a beautiful product and following her own intuition. We partnered. Her product idea became the anchor for my business and continues to be my top selling item all these years later.

I found myself with the perfect product line to launch my business, but without the perfect name for my business.

What would be easy to remember, but still initiate a conversation with customers?

What would look good in print, but also have meaning?

One night, sifting through photos for inspiration I came across a daughter walking in a French field towards our friend's castle. She had one single braid - tresse.

The name was as perfect as my first line of bamboo bowls. The braid - a symbol of interconnectedness, the balance inherent in the number three, the power of three generations. The embodiment of my two incredible inspirations - my mother and my daughter. 

TRESSE - it means braid in French.

Stay with us on our journey. We love your company 💋