Tresse DC

Bamboo Servers (Large)


Designed in France, handmade in Vietnam. The unique collection of bamboo bowls and matching servers are both functional and stunning with the natural look of bamboo and eye catching lacquer finishes. 

Servers are ideal for salads and have a trendy and modern design. The perfect complement to your bamboo bowl. 

Dimension - Two Sizes Available: 11 in. (L) & 10 in. (M)

Use: Made of food safe materials. Suitable for both hot and cold foods. Lacquers and varnishes are non-toxic, free of solvents and volatile organic compounds. 

Care: Simple and easy hand wash with your preferred dish washing liquid. Dry thoroughly after washing. Not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave.

Each product is unique and may have slight variations in color or shape.